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August 16, 2022

DFO announced a temporary closure of the Northern cod fishery in 3KL yesterday afternoon as a result of much higher-than-expected landings in most areas.

The very high landings can be explained by two factors. (1) the abundance and size of healthy cod are a good indication of a healthy stock and (2) as a result of few squid this year, harvesters who usually avail of the squid fishery are instead partaking in the cod fishery.

DFO has set aside approximately 25%, or 2,600 MT, of the 10,399 MT 3KL maximum allowable harvest for the Fall fishery. This fishery will be available to all license holders as well as those who selected the fall fishery option. Those who selected the Fall only option will be given a bi-weekly limit of 17,000lbs per license while all others will have 8500lbs per license.

Further updates will be provided when available. Please contact your staff representative for more information.