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A Member-Driven Organization

FFAW-Unifor is governed by a Constitution ratified by its members and through a series of democratically elected volunteer boards, councils, and committees.

Providing overall direction for the Union is the  Executive Board, which is composed of the President, Secretary Treasurer, two volunteer Vice-Presidents and 12 additional Representatives from various sectors and geographic regions elected by the people they represent.

For the fish harvesting side of the Union, the Inshore Council is composed of approximately 30 volunteer members representing a variety of geographic, fleet, and demographic sectors in the fishery. On the industrial side of the Union, the Industrial-Retail-Offshore Council is composed of approximately 30 volunteer members representing various sectors and geographic areas.

At the local level within the fishery, FFAW-Unifor organizes dozens of fleet committees to represent various fleets in a variety of regions elected comprised of hundreds of volunteers. Each fleet committee consists of numerous democratically elected harvesters that are responsible for addressing specific concerns of the fleet, keeping the fleet informed as to price and quota information, and representing the fleet at the negotiating table.

Overseeing the Industrial/Retail/Offshore Sector is the IRO Council, consisting of over 30 democratically elected workplace and sector representatives. This sector encompasses all workers outside the inshore fishery.

Without this extensive network of volunteers working on behalf of the people they represent, our Union would cease to function.