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Meet the Team

Erin Carruthers

The FFAW Science Team is led by Dr. Erin Carruthers. Dr. Carruthers received her PhD in Biology from Memorial University in 2011 followed by a postdoctoral fellowship with the Centre for Fisheries Ecosystems Research. Before coming to Newfoundland, Erin worked as a Research Biologist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada at the St. Andrews Biological Station. Her current research program is co-constructed with fish harvesters and includes research collaborative longline and trap surveys and best practices for the avoidance, handling, and release of unwanted catch. Her research publications document the importance of fisheries to coastal communities, bycatch mitigation approaches, changing marine predator-prey relationships, and fishers’ knowledge of fish distributions and behaviour.

Abe Solberg

Abe Solberg is a Fisheries Scientist with the Fish, Food and Allied Workers Union (FFAW-Unifor). Prior to his position as Fisheries Scientist at FFAW-Unifor, Abe worked as the Spatial Analyst for the Union. Abe earned his Masters in geography at McGill University where he studied natural resource management in rural communities. Abe is currently completing his PhD at the Centre for Fisheries and Ecosystem Research at the Marine Institute of Memorial University. His PhD research is focused on the Newfoundland Shelf ecosystem and on incorporating ecological information and fishers’ knowledge into fisheries management.

April Wiseman

April Wiseman is the Science Coordinator responsible for the Collaborative Post-Season (CPS) Snow Crab pot survey, which includes 88 vessels surveying 1,200 stations each year. Data from this survey is essential for the assessment and management of the snow crab fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador. April is also responsible for the FFAW Lobster Science program and Green Crab Removal Programs on the south coast, among others. Prior to joining the FFAW in 2020, April completed a Diploma of Marine Environmental Technology from the Marine Institute and worked as an at-sea observer.   

Ian Ivany

Ian Ivany is the Science Coordinator responsible for the cod sentinel and tagging programs in 2J3KL and 3Ps. In addition to the 2J3KLPs Sentinel project, Ian has coordinated the 3NOP halibut survey and the FFAW Ghost Gear Recovery Projects, which have recovered almost 50 tonnes of ghost gear in three years. Prior to joining the FFAW Science Team in 2020, Ian worked at Memorial University researching small-scale fisheries, fishing gear impacts, and environmental stewardship with a focus on Newfoundland & Labrador fisheries. Ian has an MSc in Environmental Science from Memorial University.

Dana Barney

Myra Swyers, Angela Tucker, and Aaryn Lambert, Administrative Assistants

Myra Swyers provides administration and organizational support for the 4R3Pn sentinel surveys cod tagging and other FFAW Science projects on the west and southwest coasts on Newfoundland (4R3Pn) and in southern Labrador (2J). Angela Tucker and Aaryn Lambert provide administrative support for the FFAW Science program.

Aaryn Lambert

FFAW Science Technicians

Experienced FFAW Science Technicians are located throughout the province from southern Labrador to Placentia Bay to Port aux Basques and Brigus. These technicians have decades of experience measuring and recording length, weight, and condition data for fish and invertebrate species. FFAW science technicians have considerable on-the-water experience with many being former fish harvesters or fisheries observers. They are also trained in data recording and fish measurement protocols. FFAW Science Technicians Scott Smith, Mildred Skinner, Gerald MacDonald, Trevor Chaulk, Gerald Mercer, Earl Poole, Brenda Viscount, Robert Smith, Gilbert Penney, and George Feltham contribute to the success of FFAW Science Projects.