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Harvester Enterprise Loan Program Open for Application Beginning July 16

July 11, 2024

FFAW has received confirmation that the Harvester Enterprise Loan Program will be open for application beginning next Tuesday July 16.


➡ Loans are on a case-by-case, first-to-apply basis.

➡ Harvesters interested in applying for the Program should complete an application form that will be available on the IET website and contact their local financial institution to inquire about obtaining a loan to be guaranteed by the Province.

➡ The financial institution will subsequently coordinate the application with the Provincial Government regarding the loan guarantee, and IET will coordinate with the harvester directly regarding the down payment loan and interest rebate.

➡ Loans from CBDC, BDC, ACOA (anything federally funded) are not eligible for this program (i.e. refinancing).

➡ The down-payment loan only will be no interest, no payment for the first five years. Then the loan transitions to low interest (bank of Canada policy rate at date of application) for the term of the loan with the bank.

Additional information from our Program update on June 25 can be found HERE.