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Lobster Prices 2023

Lobster prices will be posted every Wednesday morning.

**This is the first week of pricing with the new 2023 formula.  The difference in the new formula and the previous formula is that harvester share is reduced from 80% to 70% when the Canadian Market Price is above $8.00.  This will continue the remaining of the 2023 season. A copy of the new formula is attached here.**

Lobster schedule 2023 – signed by ASP & FFAW

Lobster 2023
Effective DateAverage Market Price USDExchange RateAverage Market Price CDNMin Shore Price Per PoundNew formula $ difference to harvesters
April 16-2214.101.34900619.0214.37
April 23-2910.381.3583614.0910.42
April 30-May68.631.34794211.638.45
***May 7-13***7.751.34759510.447.26-$0.25 per lb
May 14-207.381.3488059.956.91-$0.20 per lb
May 21-277.131.3591719.686.73-$0.17 per lb
May 28-June 37.051.3492619.516.61-$0.15 per lb
June 4-107.001.3363169.356.50-$0.13 per lb
June 11-177.131.3249279.446.56-$0.14 per lb
June 18-247.681.318510.127.03-$0.22 per lb
June 25-July 17.951.3236110.527.32-$0.25 per lb
July 2-88.101.3283110.767.48-$0.28 per lb
July 9-158.251.3199810.897.57-$0.29 per lb
July 16-228.381.3192511.057.68-$0.31 per lb