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Women Make Our Union Strong

March 8, 2019

In recognition of International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the women who make our Union strong – everyday.

Nancy Bowers

Nancy Bowers has over 20 years of experience as a professional fish harvester.  She is entering her second term on the Inshore Council, is a FFAW-Unifor Women’s Advocate and is Deputy Mayor of her town of Beachside. Nancy grew up around the fishery with a father who loved being on the water, but like many families in Newfoundland and Labrador, the cod moratorium had devastating effects for her family. Nancy married a fisherman and soon found her passion for fishing as well. The fishery wasn’t always a full-time job for her and her husband, but with the renewal of the groundfish industry, they are now fishing full-time and see a bright future for the industry.

Joan Doucette

Joan Doucette, of St. George’s, has been a fish harvester for nearly 40 years. She is an Executive Board Member of FFAW-Unifor, a FFAW-Unifor Women’s Advocate and serves on the Inshore Council. Joan began fishing part-time with her husband in 1980 and continued to fish with him until his passing in 2003. Since then she fished on her own as an enterprise owner. Joan enjoys being outside on the water and says the most exciting part of fishing is the anticipation of the catch, when the trap or net is being hauled over the gunwale. Joan believes there is no job comparable to fishing, especially on a beautiful calm day when the catches are good.

Doretta Strickland

In 2018, Doretta Strickland was the first woman to be elected to the position of Vice-President, Industrial/Retail/Offshore Council of FFAW-Unifor. Doretta has worked at the Ocean Choice International processing plant in Triton for over 39 years, has served on the Union’s IRO Council for the last 9 years and is a Women’s Advocate for FFAW-Unifor members. She’s served as a Councillor for the Town of Triton for the past 9 years and received the most votes in the last municipal election. Doretta is a force to be reckoned with, not afraid to stand up to challenges and speak up for those in need.