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April 30, 2023

FFAW-Unifor is pleased to announce members of the Association of Seafood Producers (ASP) have agreed to resume buying lobster tomorrow, May 1, 2023 at the formula calculated price. FFAW-Unifor President Greg Pretty received a call from ASP Executive Director Jeff Loder this afternoon with the news.

The move is a positive signal for harvesters who have remained steadfast in their determination to stand up for a fair market share of their fisheries.

Thank you to members of the Lobster Negotiating Committee for your work on the matter. The lobster fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador is the economic driver for many communities around the province, and it’s success in the market should be fairly transferred to the individuals who risk so much to harvest it.

FFAW-Unifor will have continued dialogue with ASP as we move through the lobster season.

The Union continues to work on a solution for snow crab.