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Update on Cod Negotiations

May 9, 2018

To all cod harvesters:

This week FFAW conducted negotiations with ASP on the price of cod for the 2018-19 season. After several hours of negotiations over three days, no agreement on price was reached. The price arbitration will be heard tomorrow morning by the Standing Fish Price Setting Panel.

As with crab, the decision of the Panel is final offer selection, meaning that the Panel has to select either our position or ASP’s.

FFAW’s final price offer is:


Grade A: $0.82​​​​Grade A: $0.90

Grade B: $0.40​​​​Grade B: $0.42

Grade C: $0.20​​​​Grade C: $0.20

ASP’s Final price offer is a rollover of last year’s price


Grade A: $0.75​​​​Grade A: $0.83

Grade B: $0.38​​​​Grade B: $0.40

Grade C: $0.20​​​​Grade C: $0.20

We expect the Panel’s decision by mid-next week and we will advise of the decision as soon as it is delivered. Thank you to the cod negotiating committee for the hard work and strong voices at the bargaining table.