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Upcoming Meetings for all Fish Harvesters

November 15, 2018

The FFAW is holding a series of meetings in the following locations for all harvesters. Staff representatives and FFAW science staff will be in attendance to discuss oil and gas, capelin and mackerel, and post-season crab survey.

Tuesday, November 20th with John Boland
-St. John’s – 9:30 (Comfort Inn by the Airport)
-Carbonear – 2:00 (Fong’s)

Wednesday, November 21st with John Boland

-Bonavista – 9:00 (SUF Hall)
-Eastport – 3:00 (SUF Hall)
-New-Wes-Valley – 7:30 (Harbour Authority)

Thursday, November 22nd with Roland Hedderson
-Musgrave Harbour – 10:00 (Firehall)
-Fogo Island – 7:00 (UC Hall)

Friday, November 23rd with Roland Hedderson
-Virgin Arm – 10:00 (Lion’s Club)

Additional meetings for other areas in 3K will be scheduled and posted soon.