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Superior Court of Quebec Decision Rules $3.10 Price in Zone 16  

April 17, 2023

Today, the Superior Court of Quebec ruled a provisionary price of $3.10 per pound for snow crab in Zone 16, in Quebec. The decision is an important ruling that signifies closer to where harvesters’ shares in the market should be. While the ruling is only for Zone 16 harvesters in Quebec, the ruling is important in that it further strengthens harvesters’ resolve to hold strong and fight back against $2.20 per pound.

$3.10 is exactly the same price position as the FFAW Negotiating Team’s second final offer submission to the Panel, and what was supported by Panel member Earle McCurdy in his letter of dissent.

The FFAW learned of the decision this evening and will review with the Inshore Council and Negotiating Committee.