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Statement from Snow Crab Negotiating Committee

March 22, 2023

The FFAW’s Snow Crab Negotiating Committee is expressing their full support and solidarity with the 3L Inshore Fleet.

The Union has had the opportunity to raise the issue to Minister Seamus O’Regan, senior DFO managers, as well as emphasized the need for support from the provincial government. The federal officials have requested time to assess the situation, but our Union has made sure they understand the urgency of this issue. To date, the Union is still awaiting a response.

Since this protest began on Monday, there have been threats of violent intimidation, personal harm, and property damage against volunteer, elected members of the FFAW’s Inshore Council. These actions cannot be tolerated by any fish harvester in our province.

With shared challenges, we can work together and find solutions to the problems facing our industry. Such misdirected actions only serve to disrupt the industry as a whole, sustaining negative stereotypes and public misgivings about professional fish harvesters and the inshore fishery in our province.

Without a doubt, the FFAW will continue to work with fish harvesters, fleet chairs, and elected leadership throughout the province to ensure that fish harvesters are respected by DFO and that our fisheries are managed sustainably and responsibly for the betterment of coastal communities.

Greg Pretty, President
Jason Spingle, Secretary-Treasurer