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Standing Fish Price Setting Panel Sets New Squid Price

September 10, 2019

This afternoon, the Standing Fish Price Setting Panel established a new price for squid following a request last week by the FFAW squid negotiating committee. The Panel selected $0.75 per pound for all squid 150 grams or greater. For squid less than 150 grams, the Panel has asked the parties to negotiate a grading protocol. FFAW and ASP will be meeting tomorrow to discuss how such a protocol would look and function. Until such time as the grading protocol is established, the price for all squid, including the less than 150 gram, is $0.75 per pound.

The 2019 squid fishery has the potential to be the largest in more than 30 years. There is a significant amount of squid on our shores, often in places where there has been little sign of squid for decades.

This abundance of squid was not expected, but it has provided a strong opportunity to access international squid markets. Harvesters fishing squid should focus on delivering a quality product to provide the best possible access to the food market. As such, “Squid Quality and Handling 2019” protocols have been established to assist harvesters in landing the best quality squid to the wharf. The protocols are posted on the webpage and the FFAW Facebook page.

Please note, the squid price does not allow for a price reduction for water loss. A water loss reduction is contrary to the collective agreement. If your processor does make a deduction for water from your squid landing, please contact your staff representative immediately.