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Snow Crab Negotiations Head to Price Setting Panel

March 28, 2018

Snow crab negotiations between FFAW and ASP were conducted in St. John’s this week. The current crab market is very strong and it was the goal of the crab negotiating committee, composed of your fellow harvesters, to secure the highest possible minimum price for the upcoming season.

After three days of negotiation FFAW and ASP could not agree to a price. Tomorrow morning the Standing Fish Price Setting Panel will hear our arguments and decide the price. The Panel must pick one of the two offers; the Panel cannot create it own price.

FFAW’s offer to the Panel is $4.80. ASP’s offer to the Panel is $4.55. We anticipate a decision by the Panel early next week.

We will let you all know the result as soon as it is made. Thank you to the Crab Negotiating Committee for putting in a lot of work and long hours this week. Your efforts certainly made a difference.