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Snow Crab Bargaining Update

March 28, 2023

The FFAW Snow Crab Negotiating Committee engaged in bargaining with the Association of Seafood Producers (ASP) members last week in an attempt to come to a consensus over a snow crab pricing formula, similar to that in other fisheries. However, an initial pricing system which is an integral part of a formula could not be agreed to.

Negotiations will continue this week but if no agreement can be reached the process will head to the Standing Fish Price Setting Panel on Thursday where final offers will be presented by both sides. Members will be updated with both final offers at this time. The Panel will then select one of the two final offers (Final Offer Selection/FSO). The Panel is expected to make their decision the following week, and this will be communicated to members as soon as received.

Negotiating Committee Members:

Jamie Barnett
Nelson Bussey
Andy Careen
Jim Chidley
Tony Doyle
Wayne Hicks
Trevor Jones
Ivan Lear
Glen Newbury
Mike Noonan
Alton Rumbolt
Brad Patey
Chad Payne
Rodney Power
Albert Wells
Glen Winslow