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Secretary-Treasurer Vacancy - Notice of Nomination Period

August 1, 2022

 On July 29th, 2022 FFAW-Unifor’s Elections Committee received notice of resignation from Secretary-Treasurer Robert Keenan. As per Article VII, Sections 1 – 12 of the FFAW-Unifor Constitution, written notice is hereby given to all members in good standing of a pending nomination period and election period for the position of Secretary-Treasurer.

The Election Committee was elected at the 2021 Constitutional Convention and given the responsibility of conducting this election. 

FFAW-Unifor members in good standing can nominate candidates for the position of Secretary-Treasurer. The nomination period for this position is August 16th to August 26th, 2022. Completed nomination forms and a signed and sworn affidavit must be received no later than 4:00 pm, Friday, August 26th, 2022. Click here for the forms, which will also be mailed to all members this week. 

Click here to read the resignation letter.