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Processors Seek Reconsideration of Snow Crab Price

May 14, 2019

Processors Seek Reconsideration of Snow Crab Price

Late Monday afternoon, FFAW-Unifor received notice that the Association of Seafood Producers (ASP) will be requesting the province’s Standing Fish Price Setting Panel reconsider its decision related to snow crab raw material pricing for the 2019 season.

The current price for snow crab was set in early April at $5.38 per pound. In its decision, the Panel sided with FFAW-Unifor’s proposal over a price of $4.95 proposed by ASP.

At the time, the market for snow crab was good and demand was strong. Since then, ASP is claiming the market has somewhat declined, prompting the request from processors to have the price reconsidered.

The Standing Fish Price Setting Panel is required to make a decision on the request for reconsideration within 96 hours. A Panel hearing will likely take place on Friday, where FFAW-Unifor will present its position on the issue.

Given the importance of snow crab to the incomes and livelihoods of our members and given the fact that some harvesters in areas such as Labrador have not yet had the opportunity to fish due to severe ice conditions, the Union will make the case that a strong price must be maintained for the remainder of the season.

FFAW-Unifor has contacted the negotiating committee who will be meeting tomorrow to discuss strategy. We will inform our members as soon as the Panel reaches a decision.