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Paying Below Minimum Price Clear Violation of Collective Agreement

July 7, 2022

As an update for members, the Union would like to remind you that processors cannot pay below the minimum price as set in the collective agreement between ASP and the FFAW.

We continue to have many conversations with harvesters regarding pressures from companies to pay below the minimum set price for snow crab. If the price schedule does not specify deductions or weighbacks, it is a violation of the agreement between ASP and our Union to pay less than the minimum price. Plant owners pressuring harvesters to opt out of the pricing agreement are violations of the agreement and will be taken to arbitration by the Union.

If this happens to you, please collect and share all relevant documentation.

The FFAW is dealing with all concerns brought forward and we encourage all impacted harvesters to reach out for support as we deal with companies unlawful behaviour. For further questions, discussion or to file a grievance, please contact Dwan Street at or at 770-1343.