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Panel Sides with FFAW, Preserves Urner Barry Formula for Lobster

April 30, 2020

The Price Setting Panel has released their decision to uphold the longstanding Urner Barry pricing formula and to maintain the minimum lobster price of $3.25 per pound. The only change this year being that the price system will be based on one Urner Barry price quote per week, instead of two as in previous years. After this year, the formula will revert back to using two price quotes per week. FFAW is pleased that the Panel chose to protect the Urner Barry pricing formula and minimum price for harvesters as they prepare to set gear in some areas this coming weekend.

Opening dates have been determined by the committees for the following areas:

Area 10 and 11 – May 2nd

Area 12 – May 1st

Area 13 A – May 4th

Area 13 B – May 6th

Area 14 – May 16th