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Oil Spill at White Rose Oil Field

November 17, 2018

On Friday, November 16, Husky Energy reported an oil spill at the White Rose field, approximately 350km southeast from St. John’s. We have been monitoring the situation closely for potential impacts on FFAW-Unifor members. According to Husky, the FPSO SeaRose experienced a loss of pressure in a subsea flowline, resulting in approximately 250 cubic meters of crude oil spilling into the ocean. Weather conditions have prevented the use of on water containment and recovery operations.

An oil spill off of our coast, whatever the magnitude and source, threatens the livelihood of those who depend on the fisheries.

Even a small spill can have far reaching consequences on global seafood markets with reports, however accurate or inaccurate, of product tainting. The potential for socio-economic ramifications on the fishing industry cannot be ignored by industry and government.

We will continue to monitor the situation to provide members with updates as available.

See below for the last update from Husky Energy:

Offshore NL Oil Spill – White Rose field
Update: 17 November 2018 (noon NL time)


Ensure safety of responders and protection of the environment


On Friday, November 16, the SeaRose FPSO experienced a loss of pressure in a subsea flowline, resulting in a spill to sea of approximately 250 cubic metres of crude oil.  The SeaRose was in the process of warming the flowlines in order to restart production after shutting in during a storm on November 15.

Estimates are based on the volumes involved in the operation that had been taking place. Another 1000 cubic metres remains in the subsea flowlines at the White Rose field. The field is located approximately 350km from St. John’s, NL in an area known as the Jeanne d’Arc Basin.

Husky immediately activated its emergency response protocols and mobilized Eastern Canada Response Corporation (ECRC) and other contractors, and its Regional Response Management Team (RRMT). All appropriate authorities were notified.

Facility Status

Facility / Vessel Location Status/Plan
SeaRose FPSO White Rose field Production shut in
Henry Goodrich drill rig Central Drill Centre Well suspended; rig moored in safe handling zone
Atlantic Hawk White Rose field Safety standby; regular surveillance sweeps
Maersk Dispatcher En route White Rose field ·        Spill surveillance and wildlife monitoring

·        recovery/replacement of HGR anchor chain #11

Skandi Vinland YYT Prepare for departure; ROV survey of subsea assets as soon as conditions permit


Nov 16 – initial activation

Weather impacted the use of on water containment and recovery equipment. Note: offshore facilities carry sorbent booms, as well as a single vessel side sweep system for containment and recovery. Two tracker buoys have been deployed. Spill modelling indicates there is NO threat to land.

Two oil sheens were observed on November 16 aerial survey (100m x 100m & 3.6mi x 5.8 mi). Largest ~4nm (7km) south of White Rose Field.

There are no reports of oiled seabirds; however, we have an onshore seabird response center which we can activate if needed.

An ROV survey of subsea assets is needed to confirm the location of the incident and allow the operator to develop a repair/remediation plan.

Nov 17 – Operations

Sea states continue to prevent on water containment and recovery operations

Aerial surveillance flight departed ~11am; includes observers from Coast Guard and Eastern Canada Response Corporation

Additional support vessels and equipment departing for site today; includes ROV vessel and additional spill response equipment