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Notice to Fish Harvesters – ELOGS Program Update – nf.23.310

November 28, 2023




Nov. 27, 2023

ELOGS Program Update

Historically, data from fishing activity has been provided to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) via paper logbooks. In recent years, an effort has been made to streamline the process of sharing and collecting information using electronic logbooks applications (ELOGS).

Harvesters in some Quebec fisheries such as lobster, crab and select herring fishing areas are already using ELOGS on a mandatory basis and have been using it for a few years.

Further advancement of mandatory implementation of ELOGs depends on several factors such as availability of a sufficient number of ELOG products for a fishery, harvester uptake, stakeholder feedback and regional readiness etc. Based on the current analysis of these key factors, no final decision has been made surrounding timelines for mandatory implementation on a national basis; however some regions may designate select fisheries for mandatory implementation.

At this time, the ELOGs program continues its primarily voluntary use for all fisheries except those mentioned above in Quebec. Harvesters who wish to use a qualified ELOG product are free to do so where a qualified product exists in regions with fisheries onboarded.

DFO remains committed to working with industry as we continue to improve and enhance our catch reporting services.

For any additional questions regarding the National ELOG program, please contact DFO at 1-877-535-7307 or at the following email:


For information, contact:

Kelly Dooley

A/Resource Manager