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Notice to Fish Harvesters - Amendments to the Vessel Monitoring System National VMS Form - nf.23.280

October 5, 2023









Oct. 5, 2023


Amendments to the Vessel Monitoring System National VMS Form


Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) advises fish harvesters that the Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) form has been amended.




Wording has been revised and the form has been restructured to clarify the information required regarding the VMS Unit and associated Communication Service Provider (CSP). If this information is unknown when completing the form, please consult your CSP as unique identifiers used for VMS units varies. It is extremely important that unit information is correctly entered as it is required for data to be successfully processed by DFO.


The amended form does not change the current requirements outlined in the condition of licensee. This revised form is to be used for future submissions of VMS registration paperwork. There is no requirement to complete and submit this revised form if an older version of the form has previously been submitted to DFO. The updated form will be required when a new submission is necessary as per the circumstances outlined in the condition of licence.


The amended National VMS Form and Instructions are available online at






For information, contact: