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** Notice to Lobster Harvesters in LFA 3; North of and including Englee

July 5, 2023

FFAW-Unifor is looking for interested harvesters for July’s 2023 Lobster Science Program. The lobster science program has been ongoing since 2004, providing DFO with information on undersized lobster picked up by the modified lobster traps, along with V-notch information, egg bearing females and daily catches. This work will be time sensitive and you will be accompanied by an FFAW science technician to conduct sampling for one-two weeks. You will be required to fill out a modified logbook and a commercial logbook. In return of those books you will be compensated a monetary value for the work that is completed. Please email if you are interested in completing this work. Interested applicants may also inquire to April Wiseman by phone 709-576-7276. The deadline for submission is July 10th 2023.