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Northern Peninsula Harvesters Remain Determined to Stand Up for Inshore Fishery

July 20, 2022

July 20, 2022

After weeks of stalemate on the Northern Peninsula, shrimp harvesters and plant workers are once again calling on Premier Furey to take urgent action to save this year’s fishery.

Yesterday, FFAW-Unifor met with Ministers Bragg and Davis. Minister Davis has attempted to initiate mediation with the Association of Seafood Processors, but without expeditious movement over the next 24 hours, fish harvesters have committed to take further action and plan to initiate a blockade of the Trans-Canada Highway in Deer Lake to draw further attention to their cause.

“Simply put, talking to Minister Bragg is like talking to a wall. No matter what we try to explain to him, he attempts to turn it around back on us and drive a wedge between harvesters and plant workers,” says Northern Peninsula fish harvester Rendall Genge. “If Premier Furey does not comprehend the crisis we are facing, maybe this demonstration in his riding will make him open his eyes. We need a provincial government who will stand up for their people and stand up to the companies that are trying to eliminate our livelihoods.”

In order to prevent this blockade from taking place tomorrow, the shrimp fleet is asking for:

  • Stoppage of industrial shrimp processing in St. Anthony, and/or
  • ASP commits to paying a fair price higher than $0.90, in line with what the companies are paying for the same product in other provinces

Shrimp harvesters, plant workers, other fish harvesters, and concerned citizens remain united in standing up for our inshore fishery. Premier Furey must act before hundreds of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians lose all chance of earning a living this season. The people of our province must come before corporate interests.


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