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NDP leader makes commitments benefiting members of FFAW

September 20, 2015

Today in St. John’s, Federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair made commitments which will significantly impact many members of FFAW-Unifor.

If elected Prime Minister, Mr. Mulcair committed to:

• Remove the LIFO Policy (Last in First Out) from Northern Shrimp fisheries management
• Reinstate the search and rescue sub-centre in St. John’s
• Ensure 30 minute “Wheels-up” response time, 24/7 for marine rescue
• Reinstate the Coast Guard Communications Services centres in St. John’s and in St. Anthony
• Remove the oil from the sunken carrier Manolis L

The FFAW has been meeting with federal candidates in the past number of weeks and these issues, among others, were top priorities we requested be addressed by party leaders. We look forward to hearing more from Mr. Mulcair and other party leaders in the coming weeks as the federal election approaches.