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National Seal Products Day 2022

May 20, 2022

Canada celebrated its first National Seal Products Day on May 20th, 2017 after receiving Royal Assent from the Governor General. Today is about recognizing and honouring the historical, social, cultural, and economic contributions that seals represent for our communities. It is also a day to recognize and challenge the misinformation about the seal harvest that has had devastating impacts on the industry.

With the recent release of the Atlantic Seal Science Task Team (ASSTT) report and subsequent announcement of a Seal Summit to be hosted in St. John’s this Fall, it is important to highlight the opportunities to harvest food security and address consumer needs with seal products in Canada and beyond. FFAW’s campaign, “Sealing Our Fate – An Ocean of Hypocrisy” has has been met with support from like-minded organizations across Canada who also recognize the potential for the sealing industry to complement the federal government’s strategy for a blue economy. Understanding seal populations is an essential starting point for the economic growth that is possible with seal product development.

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