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 Member Update: Clarification on Bargaining Regulation Changes

April 7, 2024

The Union wishes to clarify misinformation circulating regarding the recent changes to collective bargaining regulations in the province.

Contrary to rumours, FFAW-Unifor did not endorse the last-minute regulatory changes imposed by the Province. Given the substantial work the Province did on undertaking the Blackwood review and formula, these changes were nonsensical and not in line with improving the bargaining structure in the industry.

The facts are as follows:

  • For the last two years, FFAW-Unifor has strongly backed a formula-based approach to ensure fair compensation for harvesters based on actual market returns.
  • Presenting two formulas before the Panel each and every season is not conducive to building long-term stability and trust in the industry. Especially when one party’s formula design is not based on historical market shares.
  • During the breakdown of negotiations with ASP, the Province discussed regulatory the Blackwood formula with the Panel deciding only on conditions such as the holdback structure, settlement payment, and crab schedule. This was supported by the Bargaining Committee.
  • Regulatory changes made by the Province were implemented without the support of the FFAW-Unifor Negotiating Committee. To reiterate, FFAW-Unifor did not support these changes.

Fairness, stability, and transparency are needed in the fishing industry in our province. Unfortunately, the Province has failed to use the work completed by Glen Blackwood and have instead created the conditions for another labour dispute this spring.

Fish harvesters will continue fighting for fairness. Without it, there will be no future for our coastal communities.

The Union and the Negotiating Committee remain unwavering in our commitment to ensuring a fair share to harvesters. The Committee is ready to go back to the table, and we are continuing to push the province to stand by their report and fix this immediately.