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Meeting Notice for 3K Harvesters

Start Time: November 14, 2023 5:21 am

FFAW will be holding meetings for harvesters in 3K on December 9th and December 10th:

Wednesday Dec 9

2 pm Musgrave Harbour Fire Hall

7 pm Musgrave Harbour Fire Hall

Thursday Dec 10

10 am Change Islands Town Hall

2 pm Fogo Lion’s Club

7 pm Fogo Lion’s Club

PLEASE NOTE: Dwan Street, Staff Representative; Robert Keenan, Secretary-Treasurer; and Aubrey Brinson, Council Member; will be in attendance.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 precautions, only 10 are permitted to gather per meeting. Including these 3 attending staff, only 7 harvesters will be able to attend per meeting.