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3KC Crab Meeting in South Brook

South Brook
Start Time: February 9, 2023 2:00 pm

There will be a meeting for the 3C crab fleet at the South Brook Town Hall on Thursday, February 9, at 2 PM. Non-crab issues will be covered as well, including the formation of a lobster committee. All harvesters are encouraged to attend. Staff representative Sherry Glynn will be in attendance.

Over the next three weeks, the following meetings will be held throughout 3K: 3A: St. Anthony, Englee; 3C: Long Island; 3D: Musgrave Harbour, Change Islands, Fogo Island; 3K4: Baie Verte, St. Anthony, Fogo Island; 3Kn: St. Anthony. Meeting times and locations will be available next week.