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Meetings on PA Framework for Snow Crab

November 14, 2018

On November 13th FFAW called all crab fleet chairs to the table with DFO Science and Fisheries management to discuss the proposed Precautionary Approach Framework for the Newfoundland and Labrador Snow Crab Fishery.  The meeting had 22 of our fleet chairs get the initial review of the PA Framework and start a somewhat controversial debate over how this new proposal will affect fishers in our province.

Our fleets took on issues like what DFO’s PA components are actually comprised of and the relevance of their data; assessing NAFO divisions as opposed to crab management areas; and what the overall implications of this new Precautionary Approach would mean for the province’s Snow Crab harvesters.

The chairs came to a consensus that there will have to be much further consultation with harvesters and DFO over this proposed framework before anything is implemented.  All Crab Harvesters are strongly encouraged to attend the DFO meetings planned for:

  • November 19 – St. John’s, Holiday Inn, 180 Portugal Cove Rd, 10:00am (NAFO Divisions 3L)
  • November 20 – Clarenville, Clarenville Inn, 10:00am (NAFO Sub-Division 3Ps)
  • November 21 – Gander, Albatross Hotel, 10:00am (NAFO Division 3K)
  • November 29 – Port Hope Simpson, Alexis Hotel, 10:00am (NAFO Divisions 2J)

Please Note: There may be an additional meeting added to the list as a result of high turn-out expectation and FFAW will update harvesters accordingly.