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Meeting for all 3K Snow Crab Harvesters on Wednesday March 13

March 11, 2019
FFAW-Unifor snow crab fleet chairs from 3K will meet with DFO Management this afternoon, Monday March 11.
FFAW is holding a meeting for ALL 3K SNOW CRAB harvesters on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13 at 11 am the Mount Peyton Hotel in Grand Falls Windsor.
DFO’s suggestion of a 30%-plus cut in 3K is extreme and inconsistent with what was outlined in the science stock assessment. The proposal threatens the economic sustainability of hundreds of inshore enterprises and highlights DFO’s lack of respect towards harvesters’ knowledge when it comes to fisheries science and management.
The Department must take a more holistic approach to fisheries management, taking into consideration the ecosystem transition and accompanying transition for inshore fish harvesters, plant workers and their communities. On Wednesday, fleet chairs will update harvesters on the meeting with DFO and next steps FFAW is taking to ensure harvesters voices are heard.
All harvesters are encouraged to attend.