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Mackerel Sampling Opportunity

July 28, 2022

DFO-Science is requesting mackerel biological samples from NL waters and there is an opportunity to collect mackerel samples by 2 harvesters based in 4R and by 4 harvesters based in 3KL. Targetted sampling is two mackerel per month between August – November. Harvesters will be compensated per successful sample and samples (100 – 150 frozen mackerel) may be collected using any gear type, including as bycatch in other fisheries.

It is important for DFO-Science to have mackerel samples from NL waters, however collecting biological samples does not address key questions regarding the abundance and distribution of mackerel. Consequently, FFAW will summarize harvesters’ observations of mackerel in NL waters, including observations and photos to date as well as an upcoming survey of mackerel observations. Harvesters participating in the biological sampling program will be expected to record mackerel observations in their area.

To indicate your interest, please submit an application, stating your home port, fishing gear types, and expected availability of mackerel in your area. Applications will be due on August 4th, with a draw held on August 5th.

For more information on the opportunity and to request an application, please contact the FFAW office (709-576-7276) and speak with Ian or April.