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Mackerel Pricing for 2018

August 29, 2018
Today the Standing Fish Price Panel released its decision on mackerel pricing for the 2018 season. The Panel selected the price position of ASP, meaning that the prices for the upcoming season are as follows:
  • 200-400 gm        $0.24
  • 400-600 gm        $0.29
  • 600+ gm              $0.33
The 2018 price is a very small increase (less than 1 cent) over the 2017 price.
Your Union is frustrated with this result. Mackerel prices are not in line with domestic and international markets and need to be increased. Your Union sought a significant price increase to establish a fairer share of the value of the mackerel fishery. With mackerel bait prices in the $1.00 range, there is no justification for mackerel prices to harvesters in the 20-cent range.
Thank you to the mackerel committee for your hard work and input during negotiations.