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Lobster Season Update

April 25, 2020

Conference calls were held for lobster committees around the province yesterday to determine opening dates for the 2020 lobster fishery. The following opening dates have been set by the Committees:

Opening Dates

Area 10 and 11 – May 2nd

Area 12 – May 1st

Area 13 A&B – May 4th

Area 14 – Will not open before May 9th, update will be provided

Price negotiations have been ongoing between the FFAW Negotiating Committee and Seafood Producers of Newfoundland and Labrador (SPONL). There is strong support among harvesters to maintain the minimum price of $3.25 and the Urner Barry Formula. SPONL members want to see the minimum price removed, which is not something harvesters are willing to support. Negotiations will head to the Price Setting Panel early this coming week with a resolution expected prior to the season opening.

There has been a high level of concern by all harvesters regarding the effect COVID-19 has had on markets. Harvesters throughout all LFA’s have concerns that some buyers will stop buying within season and others will continue. If the market falls to the extent that this is indeed the case we will work with our committees and DFO to try an address the issue, It is important that all harvesters be provided equal opportunity and access to sell their lobster for a fair price during the 2020 season.