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Lobster Negotation Update

April 14, 2021

April 14, 2021 – The Standing Fish Price Setting Panel released its decision this evening on lobster and it selected the position of FFAW-Unifor.
This is a very positive result for lobster harvesters in the province. The specifics of the decision are as follows:

• The Urner Barry formula remains.
• The dates that compose the weekly price to harvesters are the Thursday of the fishing week and the Tuesday of the week after.
• For a decade, there has been a 15-cent deduction from the weekly price prior to the price being converted to Canadian currency. With this decision, the deduction is lowered to 11-cents, which amounts to a 5-cent per pound increase in price when currency conversion is factored.

Thank you to the negotiating committee for your hard work and input leading up to and during negotiations.