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Legal Support Services Now Available

April 14, 2021

With the new federal owner-operator regulations in place, FFAW acknowledges that harvesters may have questions and circumstances that they now have to address.

FFAW has established a Legal Support Service that provides harvesters with 1 hour of free legal advice to discuss any issues that they now face with respect to their licenses.

After 1 hour the cost of the legal service rests with the harvester.

This service is provided by O’Dea Earle Law Office with the following members of their legal team:
Thomas Johnson, Q.C.: (709) 793-3335 |
Kyle Rees: (709) 726-6551 |

We have spoken to some harvesters who are being asked to sign new agreements, and are being refused bait unless they do so.

We recommend that you do not sign any agreement without first consulting with a lawyer.