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Inshore Council Passes Resolution Condemning Inaction by Provincial Government

October 23, 2019

Last week the FFAW-Unifor Inshore Council held it’s bi-annual meeting in Gander to discuss important issues facing the inshore fishery. The meeting was the first since the election held earlier this year which saw thirteen new harvesters elected to represent their peers across the province.

On the two-day agenda were items such as real enforcement of owner-operator, oil and gas development on fishing grounds, mass salmon die-off on the south coast, corporate concentration and control in processing, issues facing young harvesters, a DFO roundtable, science and assessment updates, and more.

In light of the serious concerns and considerable frustration from harvesters with respect to oil and gas development and aquaculture, as well as the lack of acknowledgement and respect from government on these issues, the Inshore Council unanimously passed the following resolution:

Be it resolved that FFAW condemn the Premier and his cabinet for their inaction and neglect in protecting and supporting the inshore fishery, while at the same time promoting industries such as oil and gas and aquaculture which have had a detrimental impact on the inshore fishery; and

Be it further resolved that FFAW call on the Premier and his cabinet to immediately take steps to repair their broken relationship with fish harvesters by developing a plan to protect, promote and invest in the inshore fishery.