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April 28, 2023

Nearly 50 fish harvesters who represent their fleets on the Inshore Council and Crab Committees participated on a call this evening to discuss the latest situation in the crab fishery. The resounding result of the call is that fish harvesters are holding fast in their resolve to ensure a fair share of the fishery.

Over one thousand snow crab license holders have been directly contacted by the Union over the last week, and the consensus from respondents is that the price of 2.20 is unviable for their enterprise.

“Fish harvesters are not willing to fish at such a low share of the market, no more today than they were 2 weeks ago,” says FFAW-Unifor Secretary-Treasurer. “This group has agreed there will be no further meetings until there are significant changes in either the market or in ASP’s position,” he adds.

“Union leadership have also been very clear in their disappointment with the provincial government and their inaction on this crisis,” Spingle says. “For years, the FFAW has been asking for improvements to the price setting process, and the last two years have proven that the system is broken. This isn’t just about a price of 2.20,” he says.

“Thousands of members – harvesters and plant workers and other affected fishery workers –are at the mercy of this broken system. Members who have absolutely no control over this situation are experiencing the expiration of employment insurance benefits while the fate of the fishery remains in limbo. They need help now,” says Spingle.

The Federal Government has not acknowledged the seriousness of this problem. They’ve failed to act quickly to help those who urgently need it. We will be taking this fight further, but we need your help. Contact your MP and let them know this help is desperately needed.

FFAW-Unifor will continue updating members on Tuesday and Thursday evenings when Urner Barry prices are released. Additional updates will be provided when available.