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Hearing for Crab Price Reconsideration

May 14, 2020

FFAW and ASP presented their submissions to the Price Setting Panel yesterday afternoon for the reconsideration of snow crab. Both parties resubmitted the same prices from the original hearing – 3.50 from the FFAW Negotiating Committee and $2.90 from ASP.

Since the May 1 decision, important new market and sales information has emerged that shows the current market to be significantly different than that which was envisioned when the Panel selected ASP’s price of $2.90. The market on which ASP’s price was premised has not materialized. FFAW’s reconsideration request is based on the actual market, which is currently higher than that anticipated by the Panel and supports the $3.50 price.

ASP’s price of $2.90 is unjustified and is not economically sustainable for harvesters. In the midst of this global pandemic, fish harvesters deserve a fair price that can support their enterprises, crew and communities.

The Panel must provide a response no later than 5pm on Friday, May 15. We will update as soon as available.

The hearing for cod negotiations takes place today.