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Harvesters Successful in Preventing Major Cuts to Snow Crab Fishery

April 3, 2019

ST. JOHN’S – The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) released the management plan for the 2019 snow crab fishery today. The management plan includes a roll over in quota for most areas in 3K. This news is a significant victory for both fish harvesters and plant workers who rallied together last month against a proposal by DFO to cut 3K quotas by up to 30%, despite a positive science assessment this year.

“It’s clear DFO is listening to the concerns raised by harvesters and is making a serious effort to take a more collaborative approach,” said FFAW-Unifor President Keith Sullivan.

“Fish harvesters are not interested in taking every last fish out of the water. We want a sustainable fishery and the science this year didn’t support the drastic cuts in our area suggested by DFO. We’re very pleased the Department chose to take a more reasonable approach,” said Trevor Jones, a fish harvester and crab committee representative from Green Bay.

Quotas in 3K will remain unchanged this year, with the exception of a 20% decrease in area 3B. Quota levels in 2HJ will also remain unchanged. Harvesters will see a 16% decrease in quota in 3LNO, a 39% decrease in 4Rand 3Pn and harvesters in 3Ps will see their quota increased by 48%.

“This management plan is proof that by working together, we can get results and build a sustainable fishery into the future that works for harvesters, plant workers and their communities,” concluded Sullivan.

The 2019 Snow crab fishery management plan can be viewed here.

The Price Setting Panel sided with FFAW for a minimum price of $5.38 per pound.