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Harvesters Speak Out on FISH-NL Disturbance at Baie Verte Meeting

September 18, 2019

Today 40 fish harvesters were gathered in Baie Verte to discuss critical issues they’re facing around a lack of processing capacity in the region and a lack of buyers for their fish. Harvesters on the peninsula have been frustrated in recent weeks by processing companies’ coordinated efforts to suppress the price of squid by refusing to buy.

This important meeting was interrupted when Ryan Cleary and Peter Leonard, representatives of FISH-NL, intruded on the meeting in an effort to create a stunt for the media. All fish harvesters in attendance demanded that the FISH-NL representatives leave the meeting venue.

FFAW condemns the actions of FISH-NL at today’s meeting in Baie Verte. The disturbance was a desperate attempt to get media attention and create unrest in a meeting that was intended to discuss harvesters’ concerns.

Following the disturbance, fish harvesters continued to meet for two hours, discussing possible solutions to the challenges they are facing and resolving to circulate a petition calling on the provincial government to take action to increase processing capacity in the region.

“It is clear that harvesters in this region are not interested in the immature, unproductive tactics used by Ryan Cleary, that only serve to create a distraction from the key issues our industry should be focused on,” Rob Robinson a fish harvester from Middle Arm.

“Today’s actions prove that FISH-NL is a joke and that they have no respect for fish harvesters or our industry,” Darrell Winsor, a fish harvester from Nipper’s Harbour.