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Harvesters Receive Compensation for Fiona Gear Damage

May 11, 2023

Today, fish harvesters impacted by the destruction of Fiona last year were notified they will receive compensation for their fishing equipment losses. FFAW-Unifor is still working to address property losses for these individuals, the process established today will be a big help for those still trying to recover from their losses.

“Nearly $1 million dollars is going to harvesters today to assist with the recovery of gear and equipment lost to Hurricane Fiona last August,” says FFAW-Unifor Secretary Treasurer Jason Spingle. “Our Union has worked very closely throughout this process as we continue to ensure harvesters are compensated for their losses,” he says.

Today’s compensation is for gear and equipment losses. Harvesters are still waiting for compensation for property losses.

“The Union staff were essential in helping harvesters work through the bureaucratic system over the last several months. Without that assistance, many harvesters would have been without any support or assistance,” says Kevin Hardy, FFAW-Unifor Executive Board member and harvester from the affected region.

In particular, FFAW-Unifor wishes to express thanks to Staff Representative Sherry Glynn and Corner Brook Administrative Staff, Myra Swyers, for their dedication and attention to this complex file.

“In representing these harvesters directly for almost 25 years and knowing them personally, and many of them very closely over the years, to hear the hurt they experienced was very challenging. They certainly deserve and appreciate this help, but Fiona permanently altered the southwest coast of our province. We’ll continue working on their behalf to close this difficult chapter,” Spingle concludes.