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Green Crab Mitigation in Placentia Bay 2022-2023

July 18, 2022

PENDING PROJECT APPROVAL – Applications are now being accepted for green crab mitigation in Placentia Bay. Harvesters eligible to apply are those to fish in one of the following areas:

Northeast Arm Placentia
Southeast Arm Placentia
North Harbour
Swift Current
St. Joseph’s


The schedule for each fishing period is as follows:

Summer Fall Winter
               Date Aug 1-Sept 2 2022 Sept 12-Oct 7, Oct 17-Nov 10 2022 December – March 2023
               Frequency Daily (Monday-Friday) Daily (Monday-Friday) Every 4 weeks/End of month
               # Fishing Days 25 39 4
               # Hauls  2/day 1/day 1/day
               # Pots/Fisherman 70 70 10
               St. Joseph’s* 10 pots, beginning of each month = 2 days (2/day) 10 pots, beginning of each month = 2 days (1/day) 10 pots, END of each month = 4 days (1/day)




Deadline for applications is Friday, July 29th at 4:00 pm. Applications can be faxed to April Wiseman (SCIENCE): 576-1521.