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Funding from Atlantic Fisheries Fund for Improved Lobster Equipment

December 18, 2020

December 18, 2020 – Earlier this year, FFAW submitted a proposal to the Atlantic Fisheries Fund (AFF) that would allow lobster harvesters to access AFF funds for improved equipment that better support health, safety, quality, and sustainability. This Project has now been approved. The federal and provincial government has provided $2.1 million in AFF funding allocated to the purchase of specific lobster gear for harvesters. The Project’s start date is back-dated to February 2020 with an end date date of April 2022

The funding received will be allocated to members for the purchase and installation of lobster storage and handling equipment, which will significantly innovate and improve the existing processes, making it more sustainable for our valuable lobster fishery while also improving the onboard working conditions for harvesters.

Under the Project, there is an AFF approved list of gear that harvesters can purchase at their convenience, and from the seller of their choice. Once this purchase is complete, proof of purchase along with an application form can be forwarded to the FFAW office for a rebate. Harvesters do not need to seek pre-approval from FFAW or DFO before making the purchase of approved gear. FFAW has significant interest fr0m harvesters to secure electric lobster haulers, and the FFAW can confirm that gear is on the approved list.

The specific conditions of the Project, together with the application form, will be posted on the FFAW website in the coming days.