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Shrimp Prices 2017

Fall Shrimp Price Decision:

The Standing Fish Price Setting Panel released its decision on fall shrimp and selected the price proposal of ASP, which is $1.30 per pound. Your Union, with the support of the shrimp committee, submitted a price of $1.36 per pound, which we felt represented the increase in yields and the market increases from the summer. Unfortunately, this price was not selected.

Size CategoriesDistribution Fall 2016 (Percent)Price
2 – 2.94.660.437
3 – 3.99.470.740
4 –
5 – 5.98.951.069
6 – 6.97.671.259
7 – 7.99.301.351
8 – 8.913.231.444
9 – 9.913.551.586


Decision on Summer Price

This morning the Standing Fish Price Panel released its decision on shrimp prices and it chose the FFAW price of $1.25 per pound. This is a significant victory for harvesters, as it ensures that the shrimp fishery can proceed with an acceptable price.

The Panel had the choice between the FFAW position and ASP’s position of $1.04. The 21 cent difference in the price is worth $5.25 million to harvesters. The FFAW shrimp negotiating committee has worked hard over the past several years to achieve the highest prices in Canada for shrimp. This summer’s price continues that trend, as $1.25/lb is 30 cents higher than the price being paid to shrimp harvesters in Quebec.

Keith Sullivan, head of the negotiating team, would like to thank the FFAW shrimp committee for their hard work during these challenging negotiations. The committee strongly represented their fleets and guided this negotiation from start to finish. This price would not be possible without their support and insight.

Schedule “A”

Size CategoriesDistribution Spring 2016 (%)Plant Price