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Lobster Prices 2017 – NL

Lobster Prices 2017 – Newfoundland and Labrador

The lobster price for the week of April 16th to the 22nd is a record for harvesters in NL and is a direct result of the sharing formula negotiated by your Union. Please note that this price is based on low reported volumes in the market. Volumes will increase in the coming weeks as the Maritimes lobster fisheries get underway.

Sunday, April 16 to Saturday, April 22$9.951.3458$13.391$9.86
Sunday April 23 to Saturday April 29$8.101.3623$11.03463$7.98
Sunday April 30th to Saturday May 6th$7.851.3693$10.749$7.75
Sunday May 7th to Saturday May 13th$7.351.3700$10.069$7.21
Sunday May 14th to Saturday May 20th$6.851.3564$9.291$6.58
Sunday May 21st to Saturday May 27th$6.7251.3461$9.052$6.39
Sunday May 28th to Saturday June 3rd$6.351.3487$8.564$6.00
Sunday June 4th to Saturday June 10th$6.351.3470$8.554$5.99
Sunday June 11th to Saturday June 17th$6.4751.3234$8.569$6.01
Sunday June 18th to Saturday June 24th$6.951.3265$9.219$6.53
Sunday, June 25th to Saturday, July 1st$7.351.3037$9.582$6.82
Sunday, July 2nd to Saturday, July 8th$7.481.2926$9.662$6.88
Sunday, July 9th to Saturday, July 15th$7.7251.2737$9.839$7.02
Sunday July 16th to Saturday July 22$8.101.2575$10.186$7.30
Sunday July 23 to Saturday July 30th$8.601.2477$10.73$7.73