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Lobster Prices 2015 – NS, PEI, NB

Here are the most current prices for this species. This section will be updated regularly as prices change.

The following table gives the price for Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick lobster by week ending which is Wednesday for this report. However, this might be Saturday on occasion. Price will be updated as information becomes available.

Note: There is not always sufficient market information available on which to base a price so entries may not be consistent by province or area.

January 10NS 33$6.00
January 10NS 34$6.00
January 17NS 33$6.00
January 17NS 34$6.00
January 24NS 33$6.00
January 24NS 34$6.00
January 31NS 33$6.25
January 31NS 34$6.25
February 7NS 33$6.25
February 7NS 34$6.25
February 14
February 28NS 33$10.00
February 28NS 34$10.00
March 7NS 33$10.00
March 7NS 34$10.00
March 14NS 33$10.00
March 14NS 34$10.00
March 21NS 33$10.00
March 21NS 34$10.00
March 28NS 33$10.00
March 28NS 34$10.00
April 4NS 33$10.00
April 4NS 34$10.00 – $10.50
April 11NS 33$11.00
April 11NS 34$11.00
April 18NS 33$8.00
April 18NS 34$8.00
April 25NS 33$8.00
April 25NS 34$8.00
April 25NS 38$8.00
April 25NS Eastern Shore$8.00
May 2NS 33$8.00
May 2NS 34$8.00
May 2NS 38$8.00
May 2NS Eastern Shore$8.00
May 9PEI 24$4.75
May 9NS 33$6.00
May 9NS 34$6.00
May 16PEI$4.75
May 16NS 26A$5.50
May 16NS 26B$5.50
May 16NS 33$6.00
May 16NS 34$6.00
May 16NB 23D$4.75
May 23PEI$4.75
May 23NS 26A$5.50
May 23NS 26B$5.50
May 23NS 33$6.00
May 23NS 34$6.00
May 23NB 23D$4.75
May 30PEI$4.75
May 30NS 26A$5.50
May 30NS 26B$5.50
May 30NS 33$6.00
May 30NS 34$6.00
May 30NB 23D$4.75
June 6PEI$4.75
June 6NS 26A$5.50
June 6NS 26B$5.50
June 6NB 23D$4.75
June 13PEI$4.75
June 13NS 26A$5.00
June 13NS 26B$5.50
June 13NB 23D$4.75
June 20PEI$4.75
June 20NS 26A$5.50 – $5.75
June 20NS 26B$5.50
June 20NB 23D$4.75
June 27PEI$5.00 – $5.40
June 27NS 26A$5.50
June 27NS 26B$5.50
June 27NB 23D$4.75
July 4PEI $5.00 – $5.40
July 4NS 26A$5.50
July 4NS 26B$5.50
July 4NB 23D$4.75
July 11PEI$5.00
July 11NB 23D$4.75
July 18