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Cod Prices 2020

The Standing Fish Price Setting Panel released its decision on the minimum price for cod in 2020. The Panel selected the position of ASP, meaning that the late Summer/Fall price will be 80 cents for Grade “A” cod and the Spring/Early Summer price will be 73 cents . The price change for early Summer to late Summer will occur on August 2nd. The prices for Grade “B” and “C” cod have not changed.

This decision is a further move away from fairness in the pricing of cod. Since 2014, the cod market has increased significantly, while harvester prices have been stagnant with decisions by the price setting panel not sharing the increased market value. The ASP position moved cod prices back below the levels of 2014, which does not reflect any prediction of the cod market in 2020.

FFAW has stressed that concerns over COVID-19 cannot be used to ignore fairness in the setting of fish prices in 2020. This is yet another example of pandemic pricing in the fishery favouring corporate interests over fish harvesters, communities, and regions.