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Cod Prices 2016

There has been a modest price increase to minimum prices for cod for the 2016 season. However, many improvements were made to the contract that will ensure harvesters get fair value for the fish they land and customers receive a better quality product.

Cod Quality Grading Specifications can be found here.

Cod Quality Grading Form can be found here.


Minimum prices for cod 18” and over in 3Ps, 2J3KL, and 4R3Pn will be as follows. (For the purpose of the agreement, length of fish is measured from the tip of the nose to the crux (meat) of the tail).

Start of Season to July 31, 2016

Grade A: $0.70

Grade B: $0.38

Grade C: $0.20

August 1, 2016 to end of Season

Grade A: $0.78

Grade B: $0.40

Grade C: $0.20

Additional Improvements

Below are many improvements to the contract that ensures harvester quality is upheld. It involves a mandatory traceability form that a harvester must sign off on, handling protocols for buyers and the need to return grading sheets to harvesters in a timely fashion. If requirements are not met, penalties exist for buyers/processors.

  • A Fresh Raw Material Traceability Form for Cod shall accompany all landings of cod sold to a buyer by a harvester. A processer who purchases cod from a buyer without the traceability form must pay the grade “A” price to the harvester for that entire load of cod.
  • Buyers and processors have a defined procedure for handling, transferring, and transporting cod landed at the wharf. If the protocol for icing (Slush Ice or dry ice) is not followed and the quality of the fish delivered to the processer is less than 80% grade “A” then the buyer must pay the harvester on the basis that the entire load of cod is grade “A”.
  • All fish must be delivered to a processor’s plant within 24 hours. If not, and fish is graded as less than 80% grade “A”, the payment to the harvester will be calculated at the appropriate grade plus $0.20 per pound, but does not have to exceed the grade “A” price.
  • If the amount of cod delivered past the 24 hour period is less than 1000 lbs, the harvester must receive the grade “A” price as set by this schedule for the entire shipment.
  • The detailed grading sheets for individual landings shall be made available to harvesters by either the processor or buyer, as may be applicable, within forty-eight (48) hours of the buyer and/or processer taking possession of the fish. Failure to do so will incur a $0.05 lb additional payment to the harvester by the buyer/processer for the entire amount of the shipment in question.