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FISH-NL Attacks Status of Thousands of Fish Harvesters

April 27, 2018

Earlier this week, FFAW-Unifor and FISH-NL submitted responses to the final investigative report of the Labour Relations Board. Due to a clear lack of support to warrant a vote, FISH-NL now wants the definition of a fish harvester changed in order to suit their needs.

FFAW-Unifor does not dictate the terms of who is or is not considered a fish harvester for the purpose of belonging to our Union. Our Union abides by the Fishing Industry Collective Bargaining Act and its definition of a fisher, as it has done for decades. As it stands, enterprise owners have the authority to declare who their crew members are – who is Ryan Cleary and FISH-NL to question that?

FFAW-Unifor, as the recognized bargaining agent of inshore harvesters in Newfoundland and Labrador, will do its utmost to ensure that enterprise owners continue to have the ability to determine who is part of their crew.

The investigation by the Labour Relations Board into FISH-NL’s application confirms FFAW-Unifor’s longstanding assertion that there are nearly 10,000 inshore fish harvesters in our province and clearly shows that FISH-NL does not have adequate support.

After the Labour Relations Board’s thorough investigation, we believes it is time to dismiss this application and get back to focusing on the serious challenges facing our fishery.