The Executive Board of FFAW-Unifor consists of 16 Union members, elected by the Union membership.

The Executive Board consists of the President and Secretary-Treasurer, both of whom are also full-time employees of the Union, and a Vice-President for the Inshore sector as well as a Vice-President for the Industrial-Retail-Offshore (IRO) sector. Six seats on the executive board are for fish harvesting members, 4 of which cover specific geographic regions, while 1 seat is reserved for a woman harvester and another is reserved for a crew member. The IRO sector also has six seats on the executive board – 3 seats for fish processing plant workers, 1 seat for an at-sea member, 1 seat for a member outside the fishing industry, and 1 seat for a woman’s representative. 

Keith Sullivan


David Decker


Tony Doyle

Vice-President Inshore 

Doretta Strickland

Vice President Industrial-Retail-Offshore

Loomis Way

Inshore (Northern Peninsula and Labrador)

Nelson Bussey

Inshore (Avalon Peninsula)

Kevin Hardy

Inshore (West and Southwest Coast)

Glen Newbury

Inshore (Northeast Coast)

Joan Doucette

Inshore (Women’s Representative)

Mike Noonan

Inshore (Crew Member Representative)

Nancy Fillier

Industrial-Retail-Offshore (Northern Peninsula and Labrador)

Sheila Howell

Industrial-Retail-Offshore (Northeast Coast)

Joey Warford

Industrial-Retail-Offshore (Non-Fishing Industrial)

Karen Caines

Industrial-Retail-Offshore (Women’s Position)

Charlie Baker

Industrial-Retail-Offshore (South and Southwest Coast)

Warren Broderick

Industrial-Retail-Offshore (At-Sea Representative)

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